Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ah, and so it's the beginning

I prescribe (in big doses!) to the philosophy that one can never know everything there is to know in (and about) life.. and that acting your age can be highly overrated. It's fantastic, albeit necessary to keep some of that goofy child in you. You know, the who wanted to explore the world in dad's work shirt and suspenders, magnifying glass in hand, ready to discover some unknown Egyptian tomb. Feels pretty damn good.

This is me. This blog is basically a hodgepodge of my life, interests, and all the weird and nifty things in between. Loving, exercising, eating, and working. Oh, and the occasional shut-eye. Isn't that what life is, summed up in four (er..five) measly little words? Ah, but there is so much more to it. It's beautiful. And scary. And frustrating. But that's what keeps us entertained as we get older, eh? I hope that my rumblings through this life will be as entertaining to you as it always seems to be for me and those that surround me.

Now, let's say, on with the blogging! ----> oooh bajesus what have I gotten myself into.

Late morning workout is better than no workout at all! My delicious pre-burn-it-all-off and then-some snack= an apple, two brazil nuts (LOVE those) and some almonds.

Complete with water for some scrumptious hydration. Even though I have a 24 Hour Fitness membership, I find having a gym in one's apartment complex is great when one wants to save the gas and being around a bunch of sweaty men with looming eyes.

But mostly it's because I'm lazy.

After 20 minutes of the eliptical, resistance band exercises, weights, and plyometrics, I look like this:

Haha.. not really. But I do feel sexy in all that sweat. I'm never exhausted after exercising. It's such a boost!

Rewarding smoothie full of goodness:

Lesse... filtered water, some pomegranate juice, scoop of weigh protein powder, a couple of walnuts, sprinkle of cinnamon, frozen spinach, a couple of frozen strawberries/berries, half a frozen banana. Yeesh..looking back... that's a lot going into a smoothie. Doesn't seem much when you go about your kitchen finding things to throw in. But it was sure TASTY

Shower time then loungin,' complete with PITA CHIPS

oh...lord... And on the 7th day, God made Pita Chips. And life was ever so much more beautiful. And tasty.

So FLIPPIN good. Grab a bag. Or two. The Cinnamon kind remind me of cinnamon toast crunch in gigant-o form. Like the godzilla of breakfast cereal.

Was hungry again after an hour or so. In came the yogurt.

Uhm. So this is the story: I didn't grow up with video games. What I did have was a door-stop of a gameboy, the first one they had! So for video game fun, I went over to my best friend's house at the time and played Mario Kart on the Nintendo 64. Awesome. Fast forward to today- our roommate and good friend brought his wii with him when he moved in.
Uh oh.. enter in Mario Kart Wii!

And, ironically, I pick one of the girliest characters.

AND the silliest kart. I'm pretty fab.

While I played with ridiculous characters, Vince played with his CAD program. The life of being in a relationship with an aerospace engineer.

After our "gaming," Vince and I watched a little of the first movie for Star Trek: The Next Generation. Oh Data... how I love your antics and probing into the human psyche.

Did I mention that one of my plants is fondly named Jean-Luc? ..No? I really am a nerd. Also a tea lover

Usually I go with green tea (leeerve matcha green tea). But decided to give another blend a shot. Get Lost tea that has a berry and cinnamon taste to it. A little spice.

Since we had the day to ourselves, Vince and I went out to dinner. The great thing about living near El Camino is all the places you can go to on foot. We decided to try out a local Italian restaurant that's a good four long blocks away. A good walk after having eaten pasta, for sure! We came into a place that felt like a barn but smelled a tad like chlorine. The decor was definitely outdated and we felt like the odd ones out- both of us being well over 20 years younger than the entire crowd. The food was alright- the calamari wasn't the best nor the worst I have ever had. I had linguini with clams, a couple of shrimp, and a chunk of king crab meat. He tried the manicotti. It was good and I saved half for another dinner. We don't think we'll be going there again because but it was alright for a night out just the two of us.

Now we are watching Gilbert Grape. LOVE that movie! Vince has never seen it so now's as good a time as any.
Going to rest up tonight so we can help garden our friend's mom's house- and also have time to play with their puppies! Can't WAIT to have a couple of our own. A sneak peak at the cuteness:

Here's to the beginning!

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