Sunday, March 7, 2010

V & R Garden on a Blustery Day

We are lacking energy up the hoo-ha.

Sidenote: What the frack happened to the time it said I posted for yesterday? It says I posted at 2- something. Oh well.

Soooo it all started bright and early. Well, early for us lol
Woke up at 8:30 to get all showered up and ate my go-to breakfast for most mornings: high-fiber cereal with fruit and soymilk. Since I am relishing the last of the pomegranate season, I have been using their seeds to decorate my cereal with antioxidants!

mmmm.... LOVE LOVE LOOOVE my Nature's Path Organic Flax Plus Cereal.

Enter blurry bite of deliciousness.

Also my man woke up and decided to shave off his goatee. Now he's all cute and baby-faced ahaha. If only he would let me take a photo.
But check out my cool pants. Clearly a violation of fashion, but I could care less when I'm going to be immersed in dirt and bugs all day. Full of the worn-and torn burnished look...the fake white paint drops truly complete this pair, no?

Also mysterious tie-dye-esk ends. And this from the girl who works in retail. Hey.. them was for cheap moneys. Cleary

STOKED to work in the garden! Lookit how loose those pants are. Sheeesh. Belt time. Also decked out in SJ Sharks Hockey shirt

Arrived at 10 to do some dirty work. While Vince tussled with the lawn mower, I attacked the weeds.

...They didn't have a chance. Eat my... shovel?

Enter in Super neato gardening knee pads! Tacky but awesome. I felt like if I bend down that the back of my knees hurt because of the two straps holding the pads on. A little uncomfy but I got used to it.


Australian shepherd sweet heart that I was able to snap a picture of. She's the eldest and best behaved out of all. More pictures of the pups when the boy and I spend two weeks next month dog-sitting. Looking forward to a little vacation just the two of us. It helps that work is closer too.

Took a break and witnessed the native San Franciscan struggle with the awkwardness that is the lawnmower. He was drenched with sweat after three hours in three layers of clothing. Strip baby STRIP!

Lookit him go!

Around 1:30 we ate lunch- a mixing of sandwhich fixins, chips, BERRIES... and choco pretzels. The DEVIL that they be. No pictures but it was delish, even though there was a lack of whole grains at the table and I would have been happier with way more veggies.

It was a bit windy and there was a chill in the air! Much better than if it was sun shining with buckets of sweat and odd burn marks a-plenty. Last part of gardening went by fast and this is what I conquered:

The rest of the day consisted of re-heating leftovers and gobbling up a couple of big chunks of bell pepper. Also water. You'll see that I really don't drink too much else- alcohol doesn't do much for me anymore and juice is good for smoothies but.. I'd rather have the fruit itself with all that happy fiber.

Also: The boy's car was completely splattered with cherry blossom droppings. I found it hilarious.

eerrg. SUPER CRAVING for carrots and there are none for my salad tomorrow at work :(

Let's hope my sanity will be saved by the crazies not coming into the store tomorrow.. cross those fingers!
Oh.. and watching Serenity before bed is fantastic!

Ants and dirt,

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