Friday, March 12, 2010

Crisis Averted

Camera to Computer adapter FOUND!

I almost lost it. Within the black hole that is our couch.


Mornings before early-ish work= me not waking up until I have to. I truly hate being late and rushed, so I give myself a lot of time to prep for the day. But I'm not going to be waking up at the crack of dawn to have an hour-long sweat session. Ain't going to happen.

Voila- 15 minute strength/resistance session brought to you by my beloved BOSU ball, ball, and medium-resistance band. If I could, I would purchase so many more exercise goodies. But until I strike millions, I'm sticking with these babies. And a gym membership.

THRILLED the boys went to Costco the day before to obtain fresh vegetables that I have been craving for months. Well, not really. But it sure as hell seemed like it!

  • Celery stalks (I ended up having two)
  • 1/2 roma tomato
  • 1/4 avocado
  • Yellow + red bell pepper
  • CARROTS thicker than a thumb!
  • Cucumber quarter slices
  • Salt for the avo + freshly ground pepper
  • Pita bread

Oh, and the boys got BLUEBERRIES!!!!! Now, you don't know me well right now, but if you want to know one thing, I am insane for fruit. But most of all, for berries. I cannot get enough. Naturally I put a handful of them into my morning cereal. Plus some pom seeds for added color + antioxidants.

It was gorgeous outside- I can see Spring trying to peak around the corner already. But I know it's going to rain still (AHEM today--err---Friday). The changes in weather throughout the year and their often extreme differences make life all the more entertaining. Even the subtle altering of wind speed can put a smile on my face. I know. Weird.

Bored before my shift at work. Also thought I'd introduce you all to my funky facial expressions. I have often been told how expressive my face, and truly, all of me is.

I like to show Vince these kinds of pictures every once in a while to remind him of the strange creature he is dating.

Freaky event of the morning was: water. I had a feeling I should fill my Sigg bottle this morning and not take up the water at work. Well, came in for work- fine out that the thing is BUSTED.

Eerie, I know


I was lazy. Came home, was exhausted, and felt like having a meal with all one's dietary and nutritional needs wrapped in a blanket. That's right. Burrito fest.

Chaleteco's is right across from where we live, so we just take a brisk walk across traffic and grab some tasties. I prefer veggie burritos. And this one is one of the best I have ever had.

SO SO SO FRESH!! And a wonderful spicy cilantro green salsa that I wish I knew how to make. I guess I can wing it one day. Maybe.


Sigh.. today was an emotionally-packed day. Testy customers and one of my favorite co-workers was fired (after he had worked there for 11 years). The whole crew felt like there was a heavy, emotional cloud over the whole day.Needless to say, when my lunch break came around, I took once glance at my pre-prepared salad, and knew that I needed something else.

Enter in: La Baguette!

Hello, camera string!

It's an itty bitty bit evil that this place is right by my work. I have self-control most of the time, but not today. Plus I have a sandwich punch card thing so I'll eventually get a free sammie. That's OK by me.

They didn't have my usual order, so I went with the Tuscan:

  • Sun-dried tomato
  • Chicken
  • Mozzarella
  • Some sort of vinaigrette
  • uh...I don't know what kind of roll. I just ate it.
It was pretty tasty but I feel like the one I usually order, the Mediterranean, has a healthier feel to it. Maybe that's because...wait...I'll describe that beauty when I end up ordering one in the future. On the edge of your seat? Yeah.. thought so

Told the boy to whip out a bottle of wine. I needed it. And while he did that, I went to Whole Foods to get a few things. Also an early birthday present for me!

Can't wait to use my new Sigg bottle! Beautious..

Food stuffs:

  • My heart cereal
  • Organic onions
  • Organic cheapo strawberries
  • Cottage Cheese.. which I have been craving as of late
Ok... so I'm not a big meal/snack replacement fan. Mostly it's because of varieties I have had in the past that didn't sit well with me. But I want to give them another try because they are so helpful when you're in a rush or really need that bit of densely-packed burst of protein in your mouth. And I've heard so many good things about Luna Bars..

3 for $3 Annie's mac and cheese!

  • Robert Mondavi wine (Vince's Uncle works there so he gave us a couple of cases- it's a good wine if you let it breathe for about 15-20 minutes. Otherwise it's a bit sharp and a slap in the face
  • Annie's White Cheddar Mac N Cheese + TJ's Aged sharp white cheddar + Pepper
  • My salad that was meant for consumption about... 5 hours prior
I recommend adding some cheddar to the Mac and Cheese to give it a richer taste without adding butter.

Can anyone see what we are watching in the background? Yet another beloved nerd alert :)


**Heavy workout in the morning with the roomie. From what I can remember (since I do sets of reps that switch between muscle groups often):
  • 20 mins interval elliptical
  • Side lunges + back and forth lunges
  • 3 types of squats
  • + squat with the back leg up on bench
  • Step-ups
  • Lat Pull downs
  • What I fondly call the "breast lifter" machine ;P
  • Tricep dips
  • Jumping Jacks
Got back home to receive a FREE goodie! those. Mariani Pitted Dried Plums. I'll be sure to tell you my take on that when I feel like eating it.

Sipped back a smoothie and an hour later tried out one of those new Luna Bars- Chocolate Raspberry. Verdict: Not too shabby! Reminded me of a wafer with the crispies, but my roommate and I both felt that there was a bit too much raspberry flavor. He said he could do without it, but I think it could have been toned down a bit and that's it.

Then I was aching for my go-to snack besides yogurt:

  • TJ's Organic PB (UNsalted and CRUNCHY)
  • Oregon Growers + Shippers Vanilla Pear Butter
  • Whole wheat bread end
1) I found that Oregon jam company while in college. I went to Southern Oregon University, a small liberal arts college, and was infatuated with a place called The Market of Choice. It's a bit like Whole Foods but smaller + more local (obviously). Whole Foods doesn't carry my favorite flavor right now, so I decided to pick up another fav. It's subtle in flavor but delicious. Go get some! Also: pumpkin butter= win.

2) I weened myself off of PBs like Skippy while in college and ended up giving up the salt as well. I don't eat a huge ton of PB (until lately... mmm), so this jar does me just fine.

It was an amazing day outside, warm yet not too hot with a cool breeze. So while Vince was taking a nap, our roommie- Pete- and I went to do a few errands and ended up taking a leisurely walk around downtown Mountain View. Sans camera... the shame, I know. I found a used book store though, which excites me to no end. Used books have so much character to them and a history to boot.

We walked by a lot of restaurants and got an aching for.. CHINESE FOOD! Haha yeah, I know. I've ordered a lot of food in these few beginning posts, but they pretty much have all been cravings I've had for a good chunk of time. I must have it!

Chef Chu's

  • Curried Prawns
  • Brown Rice
  • Chicken Chow Mein
  • Broccoli Beef (a must have)
  • Baby Bok Choi + shitake mushies in Oyster sauce (all miiiine.. of course I shared)
  • Pot Stickers (at the boy's
FREE RE-USABLE BAG! I love free swag, and this made my heart sing.

Seriously... the freshest, less greasy-est (poor word-meshing alert) Chinese place I have ever gone too. And good portion sizes as well! The (yellow) curried prawns were amazing with the bell pepper/onion, and the mushies were vegetable dish was. SO GLAD the boys assuaged my request for brown rice. They are absorbing my good food sense.

I have these babies for left-overs + the most of the brown rice. YUM-O!


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